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List of Crew
Mr Andy Torkington
Last logged in: 15 Sep 2021
Experience: Happy new year to everyone... let’s hope 2021 lets us get back to the cut... I have many years experience on canals, RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman, also engineer, diesel fitter, well versed in electrics, plumbing & heating and DIY. Fit, capable, and knowledgable. Always looking to spend time on a boat, all offers of crewing welcomed.. I work weekends, so am available Monday to Friday, as well as able to take time off when required. Happy to relocate narrowboats or cruisers around the network, either single handed, or with other crew.
Mr Stan Kirby
Last logged in: 28 Aug 2021
Experience: 30+ years narrow boating as holiday user and co-owner. Crewed on vessels between 45-70 ft length. Mainly cruised southern counties waterways and non-tidal Thames, but flexible as to location. Can undertake basic mechanical checks, but not engine maintenance. No experience on vintage engines, but would like to learn.
Mr David Hughes
Last logged in: 25 Aug 2021
Experience: Over 12 weeks in 10 years on holiday boats on Uk canals. In 2019 I took and passed RYA Helmsman Certificate with Chesterfield Canals Trust
Mr Brian Jeffery
Last logged in: 24 Aug 2021
Experience: I have a great deal of experience from the age of 9 when I used to go on holidays with my family up to the age of 21 on the canals and Norfolk Broads Since my passion of canals was rekindled in my 50’s I have had a time share narrowboat, This enables me to cruise the canals each year. I also take additional holidays afloat I hold the RYA inland waterways helmsman certification I retired from work in July 2020
Mr Chris Batch
Last logged in: 12 Aug 2021
Experience: RYA inland waterways helmsman certificated CRB checked Experienced in all aspects of canal boating. Happy to be part of a team or solo Alternatively if you lack experience and or need help. If you lack confidence crewing single handed Need a boat transfering
Ms Morning  Waters
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: I have been dreaming of learning about manning(womaning?) a narrowboat on the canals of England since 2019, but as you know and experienced, Covid has disrupted everyone's plans. But I have been learning as much as I can by subscribing to Waterways World magazine and watching numerous YouTube videos about narrowboating. Through the years, I have had experience sailing and motorboating in the US and South Pacific. I am also pretty good with a paint or varnish brush, or a rag to polish brass. I feel confident at being able to help with locks and am willing to help with steering, lock navigation, as well as the usual chores that come with boats. I have lived on a small boat (many years ago) and more recently have been traveling and camping in my 24ft vintage travel trailer (with a wonderful wood interior) so I understand the ins and outs of living in a small space and having "a place for everything and everything in its place". I am single (widowed last year due to cancer, not Covid), retired and financially independent. Non Smoker. I have my niece to house sit for me so I am free to travel without restrictions. I live in the USA, it seems as if the world is beginning to open up again to travel from other countries. I am fully vaccinated.
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: Have never owned a boat but have lots of canal holiday experience and have a great interest and am passionate about canal life and boats.
Mr Ken Glass
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: 50 years holiday boating on inland waterways. 20 years Community Boating with various charity boats, in the Cheshire area, as crew, then skipper and for the last 6 years, as a trainer with the National Community Boat Association. I also hold the RYA Helmsman certificate. For the past 3 years, I've trained all the crew and skippers for the Pride Of Sefton 2 (a wide beam, 60ft community boat - See YouTube.). This vessel is used to take parties of people throughout Liverpool Docks and occasionally a short way along the Leeds - Liverpool Canal. I average about 25-35 days afloat each year.
Mr Rob Hardy
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: I have had a lot of hiring experience. I have a current CCBM skippers licence. I skipper regularly for Wilts ,Berks Canal Trust. Swindon.
MR Keith Harvey
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: Available for boat moves delivery. Experienced.
Mr Jeff Hill
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: Fifteen weeks on narrowboats. Trip boat skipper for 6 years. BML Work boat skipper. WRG helmsman's ticket - instructor level
Ms Sally Jones
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: apart from a weeks holiday many moons ago i have not been on a narrow boat ..i have however been crewing on yachts of varying sizes and designs in all sorts of places ..for over 10 years now. I have crewed for one week to eight months , i have boat-sat on numerous occasions too. I am healthy and fit. I am available to help out for a day, a week or more. I can join the boat anywhere within reasonable travelling distance to Birmingham. please phone me or message me if you would like to chat more.
Mr. John Lavery
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: I have been a crew member on many cruises in the UK and France since the mid 1980's. I have been a crew member on a variety of canals in the UK. These include The Birmingham & Worcester, Staffs & Worcester (several times), Cheshire Ring inc. Peak Forest, most of the BCN, Lee & Stort, Trent & Mersey, Llangollen, Montgomery, Kennett & Avon and Caledonian Canals. In France I've crewed on most of the system in Brittany, plus the River Charente, Canal du Nivernais and the rest of the Burgundy system, the Loire feeder rivers Mayenne, Oudon and Sarthe and the Alsace Canals Marne & Rhine & Saar Canals. I am proficient at all aspects of Boat Handling, Steering, locking etc. I have also flooded water through locks into shallow pounds, when it has been necessary to restore navigation. I can do the basic engine maintenance, e.g topping up fluids, checking oil, etc. but I'm not a mechanic, nor very handy with repairs.
Mr Neil Mace
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: I have been on 13 one week canal boat holidays. Been on: Lancaster Thames Norfolk Broads Kennet and Avon Grand Union Oxford Done the Stouport Ring Black Country Ring Warwickshire Ring Have piloted the boat, set and operated the locks, cooked etc
Mr Anthony Marris
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: Have been an owner of a 12th share of a narrowboat for about nine years
Mr David OLIVE
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: Multiple hire boat experiences plus a one day helmsman course by Willow Wren in June 2021
Mr John Philp
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: Have taken a number of canal holidays over the years. Now also have the RYA helmsman certificate.
Mr Brian Slater
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: Used to steering full length 70 traditional narrow boats. Have cruised the whole canal network extensively over the years.Have experiance of rivers as well as canals. Professionally qualified as a Chartered Accountant I have now semi retired and have time to act as crew at short notice.
Mr chris sparkes
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Mr Dave Walker
Last logged in: 11 Aug 2021
Experience: Hi I an easy going, fit retiree, I did spin 3 times a week in normal times & gym a couple of times a week, I love my Hot Yoga classes, my last holiday was Mountain Biking in Sardinia, I enjoy boat cooking & all things associated with boating. Having fitted out by own 57’ narrow boat I feel I’ve got good all round mechanical knowledge. I’ve had experience of many rivers & canals through out the UK, Europe even down the East coast of America I’ve Crewed & Skippered our local trip narrow boat. Obtained Helmsman Certificate. Done Volunteer lock keeper on the Trent. Having crewed for a number of skippers I feel I’ve been a great help & made some long lasting friends. Over the past few years I've help move many boats from 45' up to 70' wide beam. Being retired I’ve got plenty of time to spend, being it a few days to a few weeks please get in touch with your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Dave
Mr steve buckland
Last logged in: 05 Aug 2021
Experience: I have been working for 10 years at a boat yard this included delivery and collection of clients boats to all over the united kingdom. Maintenance servicing, instruction on how to steer and manoeuvre and show outs of hireboats which included health and safety talks. RYA Helmsman certificate holder RYA Marine First aider Currently taking International certificate of competency and Cevni exams.
Mr Paul Dadford
Last logged in: 05 Aug 2021
Experience: * MCA Boatmaster Tier 2 * RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman's Certificate * Certificate in Community Boat Management * RYA First Aid * International Certificate of Competence (Power, inland and coastal waters) * MCA Water and Fire Safety * Skipper/trainer with the Grantham Canal Society * Skipper with LNBP Community Boating * Skipper with the Peter le Marchant Trust
Mr Stephen Partridge
Last logged in: 05 Aug 2021
Experience: None but have crewed many times in the past on 40ft sailing boats around the South coast of UK and over to Ireland. Worked on riverboat in my youth taking passengers on day trips. Am available at short (ish) notice , house trained and easy going. Non smoker.
Ms Barbara  Davidson
Last logged in: 25 Jul 2021
Experience: Last summer I lived on a 50 ft, wide, canal boat started in Belgium and cruised to France.
Mr Stuart Leonard
Last logged in: 25 Jul 2021
Experience: Over the last 30 years I have hired narrow boats many times. I have crewed for other people and am confident in most situations that may arise on the canal. From cleaning out the weed hatch to rescuing other crew, passengers from the cut.
Ms Alison Ross
Last logged in: 15 Jun 2021
Experience: Hi I only have a few weeks left in the country and would love to spend them on a boat, pref going north as I leave from Newcastle on June 15 I'm in mid Wales near border at present Love doing locks Mature female with housekeeping, home-cooking, hospitality, people skills. Can steer - ish and do locks Originally from New Zealand, I have enjoyed crewing 10 days on a narrowboat in 2016 and in 2018 and 3 months on a yacht in 2001, including the Caledonian and Crinan canals Outdoorsy and strong, and can take directions, can share space on a boat with respect, and expect the same. Im looking for an uncomplicated crewing experience, and I will appreciate the leadership and positivity of a kind skipper. I'm a relaxed, informal, helpful, practical person who loves a laugh...or a song. I love painting, see: www.facebook/thehappypaintbrush, and have done a few Roses and Castles. I prefer no smoking no dogs, a comfy bed and minimal expenses
Mr James Naylor
Last logged in: 27 May 2021
Experience: Scouting Narrowboat Permit holder (,407,351) This qualification goes beyond RYA Helmsman to include training on navigable rivers - Aire and Calder Navigations. Narrowboat hire and numerous inland waterway hires over the years. Have also crewed on competitive sailing boats up to 70'.
Mr Luke Siemaszko
Last logged in: 23 May 2021
Experience: a few hire trips over the last few years single-handed trip in 2019 IWHC in 2019
Mr Barnaby  Perrin Aldous
Last logged in: 17 May 2021
Experience: In recent years I've had the good fortune to enjoy a variety of different boats, from small sailing yachts, to narrowboats to ocean going ships. I've a good grip of practical seamanship, a body of knowledge from studying navigation, and a willingness to gain more experience, as boat ownership is a goal of mine. Life on the cut for me is about enjoying the moments on board. I'm grateful for the times I have had so far, experiencing parts of the canal system network on other peoples' boats, and I look forward to many more as time goes on. When helming, I tend to adopt a slow pace, and I take personal safety seriously throughout any manoeuvres I may be required to perform. For me it's far more a valuable achievement to enter a lock smoothly than to save small amounts of time at the expense of control. Conversely, as a keen jogger, it's not unknown for me to race ahead along the towpath to set locks in our favour. Please send me a message, I'd love to hear from you.
Last logged in: 22 Jan 2021