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List of Crew
Mr Andy Torkington
Last logged in: 31 Mar 2020
Experience: Many years experience on canals, RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman, also engineer, diesel fitter, well versed in electrics, plumbing & heating and DIY. Fit, capable, and knowledgable. I work weekends, so am available Monday to Friday, as well as able to take time off when required. Happy to relocate narrowboats or cruisers around the network, either single handed, or with other crew.
MR Keith Harvey
Last logged in: 29 Mar 2020
Experience: Available for boat moves delivery. Experienced.
Mr Brian Slater
Last logged in: 13 Mar 2020
Experience: Used to steering full length 70 traditional narrow boats. Have cruised the whole canal network extensively over the years.Have experiance of rivers as well as canals. Professionally qualified as a Chartered Accountant I have now semi retired and have time to act as crew at short notice.
Mr Anthony Marris
Last logged in: 12 Mar 2020
Experience: Have been an owner of a 12th share of a narrowboat for about nine years
Ms Judy England
Last logged in: 11 Mar 2020
Experience: I have worked on narrowboats in 2008, 2012 and 2014.I Was working on Hotel boats in 2008 and 2012.In July-Sept this year I worked for a private boater who needed help with the locks cooking and cleaning.I have a little experience steering the boat but my main job was to do handle locks cook meals for myself and the skipper and make sure the boat was clean and tidy. I love working on the canals and Im interested in any work that comes along. I was working as a cook on the Duke and Duchess this year 2019. Love the canals visiting lost of places and meeting lots of people
Mr Chris Bartlett
Last logged in: 10 Mar 2020
Experience: Have been a shareholder in 2no narrowboats since 2011. Have sailed mostly single handed on both boats 58ft both of them. I work freelance so my availability is variable. Please feel free to give me a call, I may be able to rearrange my schedule to accommodate you, especially if the canal is one I havn't been on yet.
Mr Andrew Chrimes
Last logged in: 10 Mar 2020
Experience: Narrowboat holiday hire since 1977. Llangollen Canal, Trent & Mersey, Canal Cheshire Ring Four Counties Ring Live aboard for over 3 years on 52' trad stern at Anderton Carried out all maintenance and improvements during this time Single handed cruising Previously steered at 72' traditional narrowboat in very challenging conditions!
Mr John Hammond
Last logged in: 10 Mar 2020
Experience: Two recent trips with my elder brother as pilot and me as crew. On both trips I handled all the locks and bridges singlehanded. The first trip was part of the Leeds Liverpool canal departing from Skipton. The second trip was on the Llangothlan canal. I have had lessons under the RYA for dingy sailing, but my brother is more proficient than I am. I am retired but fit and in very good health. I am mechanically capable after instruction.
Mrs Pauline King
Last logged in: 10 Mar 2020
Experience: Long term boat owner. Liveaboard 12 years. Sold in2010 and now spend most of summer season cruising. RYA helmsman certificate 2006 Boatmasters licence held 2010 but gave up 2015 as I could not fulfill number of trips to maintain licence.
Mr Stephen Partridge
Last logged in: 10 Mar 2020
Experience: None but have crewed many times in the past on 40ft sailing boats around the South coast of UK and over to Ireland. Worked on riverboat in my youth taking passengers on day trips.
Mr John Pearce
Last logged in: 10 Mar 2020
Experience: Eight years as a boat owner. Was based at Otherton Boat Haven on the Staffs Worcs canal. The boat was a 50ft cruiser stern Liverpool built craft. Have mainly travelled the Staffs Worcs Trent and Mersey, and Llangollen canals.
Mr Dave Walker
Last logged in: 10 Mar 2020
Experience: Hi I an easy going, fit retiree, I do spin 3 times a week, gym a couple of times a week, I love my Hot Yoga classes, my last holiday was Mountain Biking in Sardinia, I enjoy boat cooking & all things associated with boating. Having fitted out by own 57’ narrow boat I feel I’ve got good round mechanical knowledge. I’ve had experience of many rivers & canals through out the UK, Europe even down the East coast of America I’ve Crewed & Skippered our local trip narrow boat. Obtained Helmsman Certificate. Done Volunteer lock keeper on the Trent. Having crewed for a number of skippers I feel I’ve been a great help & made some long lasting friends. Over the past few years I've help move many boats from 45' up to 70' wide beam. Being retired I’ve got plenty of time to spend, being it a few days to a few weeks please get in touch with your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Dave
Mr Luke Siemaszko
Last logged in: 05 Mar 2020
Mr Ken Glass
Last logged in: 04 Mar 2020
Experience: 50 years holiday boating on inland waterways. 20 years Community Boating with various charity boats, in the Cheshire area, as crew, then skipper and for the last 6 years, as a trainer with the National Community Boat Association. I also hold the RYA Helmsman certificate. For the past 3 years, I've trained all the crew and skippers for the Pride Of Sefton 2 (a wide beam, 60ft community boat - See YouTube.). This vessel is used to take parties of people throughout Liverpool Docks and occasionally a short way along the Leeds - Liverpool Canal. I average about 25-35 days afloat each year.
Mr Barnaby Perrin Aldous
Last logged in: 13 Feb 2020
Experience: Good morning I am training for a career in the merchant navy but I love the canal network and seek to make my home there. Narrowboat experiecnce Moved a 35ft boat from Oundle to Watford - more than 100 locks over 9 days passing through Blisworth tunnel. Basic engine maintenance and bilge drainage en route removal of weed hatch and clearing of the propellor refuelling mooring and manoeuvring including use of pole. Sea experience Over 9 months at sea so far working on passenger ships on both sides of the Atlantic, evidence to show on board experience of pilot and passenger access, mooring and anchoring, ship to shore tendering. I have a steering certificate for class A passenger ships and a range of seamanship skills, and I will earn my OOW ticket in due course.
 Philip McAuley
Last logged in: 10 Feb 2020
Experience: RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman, CEVNI, RYA PB2, Paramedic, good cook.
Ms Alison Ross
Last logged in: 10 Feb 2020
Experience: Hi I haven't made myself very available lately sorry. I would like to crew the Welsh canals very much. Originally from New Zealand, I have enjoyed crewing 10 days on a narrowboat in 2016 and 3 months on a yacht in 2001, including the Caledonian and Crinan canals Mature female with housekeeping, home-cooking, hospitality, people skills. Can steer and do locks Outdoorsy and strong, and can take directions, can share space on a boat with respect, and expect the same. I m looking for an uncomplicated crewing experience, and I will appreciate the leadership and positivity of a kind skipper. I'm a relaxed, informal, helpful, practical person who loves a laugh...or a song. I love painting, see: www.facebook/thehappypaintbrush, and have done a few Roses and Castles. I prefer no smoking no dogs, a comfy bed and minimal expenses
Miss  Clare Sergeant
Last logged in: 07 Feb 2020
Experience: I have a small narrowboat. I’m a proficient lock worker (sometimes need help if a bit heavy/stiff). I can steer a boat and am happy to take a turn.
Mr Andrew Finch
Last logged in: 06 Feb 2020
Experience: Hire boat experience generally 2 week holiday trips 2010 Llangollen 2012 Warwickshire Ring. Also assisting boaters should they require whilst I m out walking. Enjoy anything that involves canals. Spend occasional weekends volunteering for local canal group in Manchester, but also for CRT on the flight through Wigan, and at Anderton. I am keen to ensure that locks are used correctly so as to minimise water wastage. I take pride in boat appearance so am keen to ensure cleanliness both exterior and interior. Don t get ropes wet.
Mr Stuart Leonard
Last logged in: 30 Jan 2020
Experience: Over the last 30 years I have hired narrow boats many times. I have crewed for other people and am confident in most situations that may arise on the canal. From cleaning out the weed hatch to rescuing other crew, passengers from the cut.
Mr Keir Gale
Last logged in: 29 Jan 2020
Experience: Some experience of working on carrying boats and 7 seasons steering trip boats all before 1982. Holiday boating since 1968. Owner of boat shares 2001 to 2014. Experienced with boats up to 70 foot including some wide beam. I have boated most canals and rivers in England and Wales as well as the Scottish Lowland canals and the Caledonian. I have also spent two weeks on the French canals.
Last logged in: 13 Dec 2019
Experience: For the last few years I have crewed regularly on Strawberry Fields a narrow beam barge design, around the West Midlands. I can helm, tie up and manage locks. I am also practised at making regular cuppas As I am retired my time is my own. Happy to do short or long trips.
Mr Ian Brown
Last logged in: 18 Oct 2019
Experience: I have considerable narrowboat experience both as a narrowboat owner and I have also been crew on the John Pinkerton trip boat on the Basingstoke canal. I have had both wide and narrow beam experience recently having bought a 70ft by 12ft boat down the Grand Union out onto the tidal Thames and up The Thames to Reading.
Ms Mary Brown
Last logged in: 19 Sep 2019
Experience: A couple of short breaks on canal boats over the years and a recent (August 2019) day training experience. Some steering and lock experience.
Mr Andrew Saczek
Last logged in: 03 Apr 2019
Experience: 6 weeks since June 2018 as helmsman and locksman on my Narrowboat I co-own with 7 others. Being a retired widower I am available to crew for others at short notice anywhere on the Uk canal system